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Forum structure update October 30, 2017

Discussion in 'Improve Duromineforum.com?' started by April, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. April

    April Staff member
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    Jan 13, 2017
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    Warm greetings, DuromineForum Users. Our Forum team does its best to make your stay at the Forum as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We have been working hard to improve the structure of the Forum and make it user friendly.

    For the convenience of those Forum Users, who use their smartphones to take part in the Forum life, the Shoutbox (Live chat) was removed from the Home page of the Forum. You can access it in the Shoutbox section.

    If you haven’t noticed, we have introduced some new forums and deleted old ones. However, we did NOT delete your threads. Your threads were and still are being moved to appropriate forum categories. If you don’t find your thread in the category, in which you posted it, go to Your Profile Page > Postings, where you can find all your postings.

    When you click your thread, you will be redirected to the thread and will be able to see in which forum category it is located at the moment.

    Please note! For the sake of order and convenience, we will be moving threads in appropriate categories. Make sure that you post your thread in a proper thread, i.e.:
    • if you want to introduce yourself, post in Introductions
    • if you want to share your experience with Duromine, post in My experience
    • If you want to ask a question about Duromine use, post in Duromine Questions and Answers, AFTER you check the FAQ section, which covers many questions
    • if you want to report or share information about your side effects, post in Side effects of Duromine
    • if you want to share a Duromine or post-Duromine success story, or make a motivational thread, post in Success stories and motivation
    • If you are buying, selling, looking for a doctor or clinic to get a prescription, or want to report a scam seller, post in the appropriate sub-category of Get diet pills online & offline
    • If you have questions or tips on any issue concerning weight loss, post in the appropriate sub-category of Weight loss assistance category
    • For any questions about the work of the Forum, post in Forum work. Tips & suggestions.
    We appreciate your attentiveness and efforts to keep our Forum clean and orderly.

    Changes in the Forum categories and sub-categories

    Introductions. Some threads were moved to My experience with Duromine, Side effects of Duromine, Buy.

    My experience with Duromine. Some threads were moved to Side effects of Duromine, Duromine Questions and Answers, Buy. The category now has two sub-categories Age 50+ and Men's Corner, which were moved from the non-existent currently “Support groups” category.
    • Our dear men, since you are like rare pearls on Duromineforum.com and weight loss in men seriously differs from the way that women lose weight, we would like to attract your attention to the fact that you have Men's corner, where you, if you wish, can open a separate thread and have more people of the same gender, similar experiences and worries. We truly appreciate your presence on the Forum and hope that each day brings one more man, who is willing to become healthier and reach new goals.
    Duromine Questions and Answers. Some threads were moved to Side effects of Duromine, My experience with Duromine, Buy, Doctors and Clinics. From now on, this category includes a comprehensive Duromine FAQ, which addresses the following issues:
    For some less frequent questions about Duromine, check out Other questions and Duromine information leaflet, and feel free to ask your question, if you cant find the answer to it in any of the threads enlisted.

    Side effects of Duromine. From now on, this category contains comprehensive information on the most frequent side effects of Duromine and ways to solve them. Some threads were moved to My experience with Duromine, Duromine Questions and Answers, Buy, Doctors and Clinics.

    Success stories and motivation. Motivational threads were moved to this new category, which in turn, comprises 2 sub-categories:
    • Duromine success stories
    • Post Duromine success stories
    You are very welcome to post your stories here. They will become a perfect motivation for any user, who is thinking on whether he should begin losing weight with Duromine or not, as well as for those, who lost their motivation to go on with the weight loss.

    Goals and mini-goals. Threads from these categories were moved to My experience, Success stories, Get diet pills online and offline. The category no longer exists.

    The new section Get diet pills online and offline has the following sub-categories:
    • Sell – for those who want to sell diet pills
    • Buy – for those who want to buy diet pills
    • Black list – for users who were identified as Scam sellers and those, who were reported by other users as being scammers, and are now under the Checking procedure.
    • Doctors & Clinics – for users who want to ask questions about getting prescriptions and finding clinics in their town
    Weight loss assistance. A new category, which contains information about nutrition, useful apps and diet pills review. The category is to be updated.

    Foods and recipes. Threads from this category were moved to the category Weight loss assistance > Nutrition.

    Forum work. Tips & suggestions. Category, where you can ask questions on Forum work. New sub-category DuromineForum appreciation was created for those, who are so kind to highly appreciate the work of Duromine Forum team and are willing to express their gratitude.

    We value each and every of you, and are always open to your suggestions and recommendations. If you feel like there is some other information you would like to see on Duromineforum.com, feel free to share your ideas with us. We, in turn, promise that we will do everything to make your stay here as comfortable and pleasant, as possible.

    Warm wishes, Duromineforum.com Team.
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