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    Apr 2, 2013
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    Hello Everyone,

    Well, I had a fairly busy/stressful week in week 3 so no exercise was done at all. Shameful! Hopefully I can pick up my game this week. I have started cutting down on gluten and I am feeling pretty good. Nothing else to report other than my pretty poor week 3 results! Hopefully when I get the prescription for the 2nd month I can go up to 40mg as I don't feel there is any difference at all now, regarding cravings/hunger.

    Starting date 26/03/13 - Weight 103kg
    Week 1 - 2.5kg (100.5kg)
    Week 2 - 1kg (99.5)
    Week 3 - 700gm (98.8)

    Measurements as of 02/04/13 - Hips 113cm, Waist 102cm, Chest 115cm.
    Measurements as of 09/04/13 - Hips 112cm, Waist 100cm, Chest 112 cm.
    Measurements as of 16/04/13 - Same as week 2.

    See you all in a week! (Hopefully with some better results!)