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    Duromine (15 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg) Diet Pill Review

    How Duromine Diet Pill works:

    DUROMINE® diet pill (manufacturer & supplier contact information) is a prescription drug. That is, it has to be prescribed for you by your doctor.

    Duromine pill is a drug primary used as an appetite suppressant, typically prescribed for individuals being at increased medical risk because of their weight.

    Duromine diet pill, being a phentermine-based weight-loss pill, is a synthetic stimulant. Generally, Duromine pill is supposed to have the same effect as Phentermine acting on your Central Nervous System.

    However, Duromine pill also contains Resin which is said to enable a slow release of phentermine ingredient, so that Duromine effect lasts all day.

    How Duromine Pill is Presented


    Duromine capsules are available in three strengths, 15mg, 30mg or 40mg, in packs of 30 capsules.
    Grey and green hard gelatin capsules with the caption DUROMINE 15 printed in black in the axial direction on each capsule half. Each capsule contains phentermine ion-exchange resin complex that releases phentermine 15 mg.

    Grey and reddish brown hard gelatin capsules with the caption DUROMINE 30 printed in white in the axial direction on each capsule half. Each capsule contains phentermine ion-exchange resin complex that releases phentermine 30 mg.

    Duromine Indications

    DUROMINE is indicated as a short-term adjunct in a medically monitored comprehensive regimen of weight reduction based on exercise, diet (caloric restriction) and behaviour modification in obese patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30kg/m? or greater who have not achieved an adequate clinical response to an appropriate weight-reducing regimen alone.

    DUROMINE may appropriately be initiated in overweight patients with a lower BMI when risk of morbidity from other medical conditions is increased. Patients with the following co-morbidities are particular candidates for medical assistance with weight reduction, and may be considered for treatment even if their BMI does not exceed 30 kg/m2:

    * sleep apnoea,
    * insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus,
    * pre-diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance in association with obesity,
    * high cardiovascular risk status as a consequence of obesity

    Failure to achieve a weight reduction of 5% within a period of 12 weeks is an indication for discontinuation of treatment. Treatment may continue beyond this point provided continued monitoring of the patient occurs (for weight loss and medical conditions) and for as long as weight loss is maintained.

    Secondary organic causes of obesity should be excluded by diagnosis before prescribing this agent.
    Avoid using Duromine Diet Pill if:

    You have any of the following medical conditions:
    • very high blood pressure.
    • high blood pressure in the lung.
    • problems with the valves in your heart.
    • disease related to blood vessels in the brain.
    • severe heart disease including changes in the rhythm or rate of the heart beat.
    • narrowing of the blood vessels due to thickening or hardening of the blood vessel wall.
    • overactive thyroid gland.
    • psychiatric illness including anorexia nervosa (loss of appetite) and depression.
    • glaucoma (high pressure in the eye).

    * You are currently taking, or have taken within the last 14 days, antidepressant medicines from the mono-amine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) class such as phenelzine (eg Nardil) or tranylcypromine (eg Parnate).
    * You are allergic to phentermine or to any of the other Duromine ingredients.
    * You have previously misused drugs or alcohol.
    * Usage date has expired.

    Before you start using Duromine pill:

    Tell your doctor if you are taking any of these medicines:

    * any medicines for weight reduction
    * any medicines for depression or obsessive compulsive disorder such as fluoxetine (eg Prozac, Erocap, Lovan, Zactin); sertraline (eg, Zoloft); paroxetine (eg Aropax); clomipramine (eg Anafranil, Placil).
    * ergot-like medicines for migraine such as ergotamine (eg Cafergot, Ergodryl, Migral)
    * any cough and cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine, phenylpropanolamine or phenylephrine.
    * thyroid hormones.
    * any medication for mental illness
    * medicines for lowering high blood pressure including clonidine, methyldopa or guanethidine.
    * any medicines that you buy without a prescription.

    Tell your doctor if you:

    * are pregnant or intending to become pregnant
    * are breastfeeding
    * have high blood pressure
    * have heart disease such as angina (chest pain)
    * have diabetes
    * have epilepsy.

    Duromine Usage:

    * For adults and children over 12 years, the usual dose of Duromine is one capsule per day. However, your doctor will prescribe the right dose for you.
    * Take Duromine first thing in the morning, at breakfast time so that it does not keep you awake at night.
    * Swallow Duromine capsules with plenty of water. Do not chew or open the capsules.
    * Follow your doctor's instructions exactly and never change the dose yourself. Increasing the dose may not necessarily make you lose more weight or make you lose weight faster. However you will most likely experience more side effects. Your doctor will tell you how long you are to take Duromine for.

    Duromine is not recommended for elderly patients or for children younger than twelve years.
    While you are using Duromine

    * You should regularly visit your doctor for a medical check up.
    * Tell your doctor immediately if you experience sudden or rapid weight loss, difficulty breathing, chest pain, fainting, swelling of the lower limbs and if you can not exercise as much as you usually can.
    * Be careful driving or operating machinery until you know how Duromine affects you.
    * DO NOT drink alcohol whilst taking Duromine.
    * Check with your doctor or pharmacist before you start to take any cough or cold medication.

    If you forget to take your Duromine dose at breakfast take it no later than lunchtime. Alternatively, skip the dose you missed and take your next dose at the normal time on the next day. If you take Duromine any later than lunch-time you may have trouble sleeping at night. Never take a double dose to make up for a dose you have missed. If you have trouble remembering when to take your medicine, ask your pharmacist for some hints.

    Duromine side effects

    You should inform your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible if you do not feel well while you are taking Duromine.
    Seek imediate contact with your doctor if you experience:

    * sudden or rapid weight loss.
    * difficulty breathing.
    * chest pain.
    * fainting.
    * swelling of the lower limbs and if you can not exercise as much as you usually can.

    Duromine may make you feel more awake than usual. You may have trouble sleeping. Duromine can have some effects on the heart. You may notice your heart seems to beat faster and harder, and your blood pressure may be raised slightly. Other side effects you may notice include irregular heart beats, chest pain, feeling restless, feelings of extreme happiness followed by depression and tiredness, nervousness, tremor (shaking), headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation, stomach cramps, dry mouth or an unpleasant taste in your mouth, difficulty passing urine, skin rashes, impotence and changes in sexual drive, swelling of the face. If you have any side effect whether it is listed above or not, then you should inform your doctor.

    Duromine Ingredients

    Duromine capsules contain:

    * phentermine
    * lactosevliquid paraffin.
    * magnesium stearate.
    * gelatin.
    * titanium dioxide.
    * carbon black.

    Additionally, Duromine 15mg contains:

    * brilliant blue FCF.
    * iron oxide yellow.

    Additionally Duromine 30mg contains:

    * iron oxide red.

    Additionally, Duromine 40mg contains:

    * erythrosine.
    * sunset yellow FCF.

    Duromine capsules are gluten-free.

    Duromine Manyfacturere and supplier

    iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Limited
    9 – 15 Chilvers Road
    Thornleigh NSW 2120
    Telephone: + 61 2 9875 6322
    Fax: + 61 2 9875 6416


    1300 363 212

    Medical Communications and Drug Safety:
    1800 253 272 (Australia Only)
    + 61 2 9875 6381 (Outside Australia)


    iNova Pharmaceuticals (Singapore) Pte Ltd
    (Malaysia Branch) (995059W)
    Level 5, Wisma Samudra
    No. 1, Jalan Kontraktor U1/14
    Hicom-Glenmarie Ind. Park
    40150 Shah Alam Malaysia
    Telephone: +603 5569 1278
    Fax: +603 5569 1279


    iNova Pharmaceuticals (Singapore) Pte Limited
    10 Ubi Crescent
    # 02-51 Ubi Techpark
    Singapore 408564
    Telephone: +65 67423116
    Fax: +65 67424681

    Hong Kong

    iNova Pharmaceuticals (Hong Kong) Limited
    Unit 01, 20/F, Millennium City 3
    370 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong
    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Telephone: +852 2155 0668
    Fax: +852 2969 5939

    South Africa
    iNova Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd
    Cnr Barbara and North Reef Roads
    Elandsfontein 1406 Gauteng
    South Africa
    Telephone: +27 11 821 0112
    Fax: +27 11 821 0206

    Distributors: New Zealand

    Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
    Central Park Drive, Lincoln, Auckland 0610
    Telephone: +64 9 835 0660
    Fax: +64 9 835 0665
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  2. Sandy

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    Am located in Singapore . How do I go about in ordering for Duromine?
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    Is it true that duromine can affect any drug tests you might have, regarding getting a new job. Some employers want their employees tested for drugs before taking it, and some do random drug tests.
  4. Archar

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    Hi Kate,
    Thanks for the information but I heard diet pills are not good for health as they have some side effects! Like they might effect your brain and main cause dizziness and lack of attention? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input.
  5. Kate

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    Hi, Archar!
    Side effects are common for any medication. As for severe side effects, caused by diet pills, I've never heard about...
    Anyway, not all of them affect so much the health. For instance, there is Phen375 - which is all natural, so proven - doesn't cause severe side effects you are talking about.
    The most important thing is that it works!
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    I had bad side effects with duromine so couldn't follow it for long... now i'm on reductil
  7. Kate

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    You should tell about side effects on the first place...then yes, I understand why you stopped taking duromine. All in all it's good that you feel better now. I wish you a great weight loss, darling!;)
  8. candice84

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    Thanks a lot Kate!

    I had bad headaches and chest pain while on duromine, now I'm fine and hope to reach my aim soon :)
  9. Rita cachia

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    Apr 18, 2014
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    I just want to know if the Duromine capsules disolve in the stomack or the small intestine ?

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