Duromine and periods

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    Sep 19, 2017
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    Hi all
    I've been having duromine every second day 30mg.
    My period was 5 days late and lasted 8 days!
    How much does duromine affect your period. I had a break as I had surgery 10 days ago and today is my first day back in it - feel like a space cadet to be honest but cleaning is up to date haha
    I am not on the pill at the moment doctor told me to go off it to help me drop weight. However I have so many events coming up and I really need to make sure my period which was fairly regular on and off the pill. So I'm considering going back on it whilst on duromine.
    Based on the last few odd months it states it's due 29th of sept, however if I start taking the pill again and then take the sugar pills when my period is supposed to be due to get it back in some type of rythum again do you think that will work??

    Heaviest weight was 120+
    July 14th 2016 108kg
    Today 82kg
    Goal weight 65-70kgs