Duramine shipped to italy?

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    hello everyone,
    i was wondering if anyone can recommend a website where they have bought legitimate duramine that is safe, i am not very comfortable with buying medication online because you never know if it is false pills and if they are safe, but i live in italy at the moment and needed just one month's worth of duramine tablets, preferably the lower dosage, i have never used it before.
    hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
    thanks, valentina:)
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    you can for sure buy safe pills here.

    don't be confused with te drug name- Phentermine is a new name of Duromine.
    I advise you to choose 90 or 120 pill pack, to avoid gap between two deliveries of 30 pills. because treatment with a gap is not so much effcient. It's no problem to deliver your order to Italy at all. :)
    Good luck and keep posting your progress:)
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    Y does duromine not work on other people. I have used it for two months but there was no effet on my wiegth loss whatsoever. I only lost the cravings for sweet things but I still was hungry, I had to literally control my own apetite with no assistance from the drug whatsoever which was very difficult. Any info on Y it doesnt work for other ppl.