Day 4 :D New symptoms.

Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by biancaturley, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Its my fourth day using duromine 30MG today.
    Yesterday - My third day I experienced very funny symptoms such as head spins as well as dizziness also pains in my upper leg and heart palpitation. But i am thinking that it is because i LITERALLY STARVED MYSELF yesterday. As soon as i had my supper i felt A OK except for the dry mouth - I also have no sugar intake so could that be the reason for dizziness??? If i eat i get sick to my stomach no matter if it is tiny portions. The side effect aren't unbearable but i just need to find out if i can prevent them somehow. I don't eat unhealthy i snack on fruits if i am hungry around snack time and i have things like muesli and yoghurt for breakfast and fish fillets or a steak (Red meat) for supper with my veggies.
    I do not eat any sugar or junk food.
    Today i am feeling a little faint but i am guessing i need some sugar :/ i am on a ball at work full of energy and besides the new side effects I'm feeling great :D
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    Hello, Bianca
    About dizziness and faint. I think you should eat your fish or steak for lunch rather than for supper. Your body needs a good serving of protein and carbs throughout a day, still got to lose fat tissue. Or maybe, you should have something more for the breakfast? Because breakfast is the best meal your body digests it all up to the end. I mean, even if you eat more carbs than you think you should, it will all be digested throughout a day and will turn into energy, so that you will not gain any weight. Plus, you may feel sick in the morning if you eat heavy protein food in the evening, when your stomach slows down prior to bedtime. Depends on how you used to eat before your diet plan.
    Fruit, honey, nuts, raisins, berries - all good for getting sugar for the body. But avoid sugar drink, soda, coke, etc. Even fruit juices (from store) contain loads of sugar you have no idea of. So I wouldn't suggest to drink them. And candies too. Fruit salad, dressed with honey and lemon juice = perfect.

    Hope you find some of my tips helpful;)
    Good luck!