Day 3

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    Jun 2, 2014
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    Day 3
over night I have put on 200grams

    2/6/14 110.0 kilos
    3/6/14 108.3 kilos

    4/6/14 108.5
    Start weight 110.0 kilos
    Current weight 108.5 kilos
    Goal weight is 75.0 kilos
    Only 33.5 to go
Feeling meh…
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    It's all good mate, don't let this be the demotivated part of your journey. Change takes time, miracles take a little longer :)
    I think you are doing well. How are your eating habits? What physical activities are you beginning to do?
    Just keep in mind, 35kg's to lose is a lot and it will take time for that to be achieved. Obviously if you want to, you can achieve it a lot faster, but the outcome of doing it slowly outweigh any quick fix, you want now. Not many reach their goals over a 4-6 month period and sustain their desired weight for a decent period of time (I'm talking 2-4 years of keeping the weight off) Those that do lose weight over a 2 maybe 3 year period keep it off as it has been gradual which also allows them to change their lifestyle and not focus on just weight loss as the end of the journey.

    Look forward to seeing how you go, I wish you all the best of luck for enjoying a new life.

    Rock on, stay fab :)
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