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Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by Sarah19, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Oct 23, 2018
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    Hi all, wondering if anyone has had the same experience as me and how they got the weight to shed a bit faster!
    I am on day 13 of 30mg, first few days I had dry mouth but other than that there were no side effects. It has however stopped me craving any junk food at all which is a great help!
    I started at 84.1, and almost two weeks later I am at 82.6.
    I am eating lots of fruit, Veges and protein and consuming heaps of water. I have been doing hard exercise just about every day and on the weekends I’ve been doing 8km walks. Has anyone got any tips for me or was in the same boat as I am? Would it be worth trying the 40mg?

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    Hi @ Sarah19 and welcome to the forums :)

    There could be a few reasons why the weight isn't shifting faster.

    Look really closely at your diet.. Are you having enough calories or is it too little? If so how much salt, carbs and fat is in your everyday diet? Its a really good idea to track your calorie intake with a program like "My Fitness Pal" or "Lose It". Both of those have free options which will still allow you to see how your food is broken down.

    Don't forget to do your measurements! Sometimes when the scale doesn't move as quickly as we want it to, our bodies are still changing shape and that could be happening here :)

    Consider the fact that you are now exercising nearly every day - and as you put it "hard exercise". Bet you have muscles that are sore. Muscles that feel sore and achey from your activity is actually inflammation - and this too can cause your body to hold onto some water weight.

    I don't know how much fruit you are eating, but try holding it back for a few days or even a week - you could be having too much natural sugar.

    Fructose can only be processed by your liver. After absorbing fructose from fruits it enters your bloodstream to be transported right to your liver. Part of this fructose can be converted into glucose and stored as glycogen, but the remaining is converted into triglycerides, which is a type of fat. Both are then stored.

    If you were a reasonably healthy eater before, it actually makes sense that you are not dropping as much weight as some others. Its the people who are making big changes to their diets that tend IMO to lose more weight when they first start out.

    Please don't compare yourself to others - we are all different and thus our bodies will react differently also :)

    If you are not having any cravings and the appetite suppression is working - I personally don't think upping your dose to 40mg will do anything. However, that being said you always have this option moving forward.

    Hope this helps some :)
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