Day 1 - question with weight loss and excess skin (flab)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MIss MeMe, Jan 10, 2014.

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    Jan 10, 2014
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    Hi All, I have started on 30mg today. Had a read through the site last night - good to have an idea of some of the experiences of users. I have put on a lot of weight from medication over the past 30 years - however the side affect of weight gain was better than the illness without the medication. I came off the meds 2 years ago and I was hoping that I would miraculously lose weight (ha ha). I lost approximately 10kg early last year through stress - my partner was diagnosed with a serious illness - and the weight dropped off me without changing anything.(was 105 - went down to 93kg).. I called it the "fear factor diet" :) When he finally saw his specialist (2 month wait) he was advised the diagnosis was incorrect (but they did not know what it was). Mental relief - The weight stayed off, but I found it very difficult to lose anymore - and then in the past two months I have put 6kg back on….aaagh. I usually gain weight with stress. After discussing it with my GP he said my body reacted to adrenal stress to lose weight and gain with cortisol stress… so Duramine was suggested. I had asked him to find out how to flick the switch back on - because that was what is was like - a switch in my brain had turned the other way and I lost weight instead of continually gaining. I did some review first and then decided to go with it - but only came across this site last night. I have also looked throughout the photos - some great results there… congratulations. I have a fairly large goal - 38kg - (not expecting all of this to come off whilst on Duramine but wanting a good kick start) and am concerned re the excess skin (flab) re arms and stomach. The after photos of large weight loss seem to show toned bodies without excess skin. I would love some feedback on this - whether you are toned without excess flab and how you did it etc. I am looking forward to my journey and thanks to everyone for posting their info - it really helps to know what you may experience when you are a newbie to this. Counting the 39kg down. Miss MeMe (why - because this year I am going to concentrate on me)
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    Welcome, dear MeMe!:)
    Different issues can cause excess weight, but we still want to get rid of it. Now it's your time to think of yourself. I am glad to see a mature lady here, because you deserved to be happy and to love your body again!
    I wish you an easy weight loss journey!
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