Can the body build a tolerance to Duramine

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    Sep 16, 2018
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    Hi all,
    Around 15 years ago I used Duramine 20 mg for 3 months. I changed my way of eating, exercised more and lost 15 kgs. Some years later I gradually put the weight back on so tried again and lost the same again using the 30 mg tabs. Both times I found I had the extra energy and motivation to make the change. The appetite was definitely suppressed and stopped my focus on food allowing me to make changes. Again the weight has creeped up so I thought I would give it ago again to help improve my health. I realise that these tablets are not the best solution but I have tried most other diets. This time around I have had no success. The hunger is still there, no increased energy. It is as if the tablets are doing nothing for me. I initially persevered for a month on the 30mgs and managed to loose a kilo which had probably more to do with exercise. Before I pay for another months worth, my question is, does the body build up a tolerance to it? Should I just ask for the 40mg tabs? The first time I had duramine I could feel the effects such as being a bit jittery, thirsty and needing to take the tablet at around 5am otherwise I did not get to sleep until late. I guess it was like taking a small amount of speed. This time no effects at all. Do not get me wrong I did not kike that feeling, however that was how it worked for me. Any suggestions?