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Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by mpg, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Ok im 164cm started at 74kg and goal is 62kg. Anyhoo 5wks in on fri and curre tly sitting at the 70.8kg and lost 12cm off belly. Im not happy results, was hoping for around 68kg by now. I swim x2aweek, 3 5km powerwalks a week and runaround after my youngs kids. I either have a shake for breaky or oats soaked in water with blueberries. I do enjoy a coffee in morning no sugar. Lunch is a salad with tuna or chicken. Maybe arvo snack of apple or a shake and dinner steamed vegies, chick, or red meat or fish. On the weekends I still like to have 2 glasses of wine witn friends. Ive cut out carbs and and sweets besides the rasberry ripple (raw cacao, coconut, rasberries, some butter) leave it In freezer and a nicetreat without huge amount of calories.ive also halved my protein size. I hadto see another dr to get script last week and he wasnt happy that I was on it and kept me at 15mg when my original dr said we would go on 30mg for 2nd month. Im fearing that im so far away from goal and this will be the last month. Where am i going wrong ?
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    Look at it as a loss your still 3.2 kilos lighter then where you started. Everyone looses weight at a different pace. Now also maybe you are putting on muscle. As it does weigh more then fat does. Big W have wonderful weight watcher scales for $30! They measure your fat percentage bone percentage muscle mass. They are my best friend. They also come with a book to check your BMI. Best investment. Also a food diary put things into check. Put everything down on pen and paper including your water intake. I would also cut out the alcohol. Your not meant to drink on it and it can't be good for the weight loss. Also try starting every meal with a glass of cold water and a slice of lemon. It speeds up metabolism and also helps you become fuller Quicker :) I hope this helps. Maybe a nice 45-1 hr walk a day would suit as exercise Then three days of toning exercises. It works for me :) I truly hope this helps you :) keep us posted on how you go.
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