4 month journey - almost over!

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    At the end of January, i will be finishing my final pills of Duromine - the end to such an amazing journey!!

    I dont want any nasty comments or backlash when telling my start/finish weight, as i know ive never technically been overweight, but have struggled with body issues and severe depression because of it every since i can remember. My doctor knew all about this and once i asked him about it and what it is like, he suggested we try to help me become happy with myself. I know weight isnt everything but for young girls it does affect how happy you are! I am also very short so my goal weight is still in the healthy range for my BMI

    GW: 49/50.0
    1/10 61.1
    8/10 - 56.9
    16/10 - 56.6
    18/10 - 56.4
    27/10 - 54.5
    1/11 - 53.9
    7/11 - 55.0
    10/11 - 53.7
    13/11 - 53.5
    16/11 - 53.0
    24/11 - 52.8
    4/12 - 52.4
    5/12 - 52.1
    12/12 - 50.8 got gasto!
    28/12 - 51.4 - after Christmas binge

    Im 24, and have so far lost a total of 9.7kgs. I started my journey 1 October 2017 and was prescribed with 30mg to start with to see how i reacted to it. I am usually an overeater and LOVE a good sweet treat.... but have also bee pretty active my whole life, so exercising wasnt a huge issue for me - i was just eating more than was i was burning! I ate pretty strict the first 2 months and cut my calorie intake down to 1200 a day, and stopped all sugary treats (I dont drink alcohol or fizzy drinks anyway!). That paired with the exercise i was doing; walking the dogs every morning, usually running 2-3kms at night and netball twice a week, i was seeing differences almost straight away. I had insomnia for the first 2 nights, and constipation too, but was drinking 3-4L water a day so the constipation went away. I had so much energy (but not jitteriness/shaking) so that motivated me to exercise more! I lost 6kgs within the first month which i was blown away with, and my doctor was really happy with the results.

    The second month was pretty similar with the first month but the weightloss slowed down, which was expected as i obviously didn't have much more to lose. The third month i think my body has gotten used to it as i have no excess energy and am sooo tired and ready for bed at night. Over Christmas i had a big binge but was really happy to see the scales hadn't changed much. My doctor then said as i only had a few kilos until my goal weight, we would drop down the 15mgs. So im really hoping i had just cruise through the last 2-3 weeks of my journey and lost the last 1-2kgs and hit my goal weight!! But all in all, it definitely worked for me with minimal side affects. i have never been this confident or happy with myself and am so glad that i was able to have the opportunity to lose the stubborn fat ive always had! Lets just cross fingers that with maintaining my new exercise and meal regime i dont gain the weight back.
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    Hi! Thank you very much for sharing your story! You are lucky to have such an supportive doctor and I hope that your weight loss will help you become a happy and confident woman! After all, you have all the reasons to be proud with yourself! All the efforts paid off!

    Now, you need to concentrate on maintaining the good habits to maintain your shape. All the best to you!