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    Hi there - I have tried being on Duromine 30mg before but the side effects were way too much for me - headache, hot sweats, involuntary jaw grinding. So after a few months I have decided to give it another go - on the 15mg this time.

    I'm on day 2 - minimal side effects - but I don't feel like it's suppressing my appetite at all. Should I work my way up to 30mg again or wait a little while longer?

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    Hello Belinda! Welcome to the forum!!! Hope this time your Duromine experience will be a nice and smooth one and you will enjoy marvelous results!

    If you don’t feel appetite suppression on day 2, it doesn’t mean that Duromine doesn’t work. Many people managed to remain at 15 mg and kept losing weight. others needed to up the dose. However, it’s only day 2, and Duromine does take time to start working properly at times. Just wait a little bit, especially if your previous 30 mg experience was an unpleasant one.

    Remember to drink enough water and eat small portions of healthy food.

    Best of luck!

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