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I will answer all your questions in personal messages. Feb 5, 2015

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    1. Thomas Smythe
      Thomas Smythe
      Hi Kate I just started taking duromine but am concerned about roadside drug testing. I am on the road a lot for work and if I get a charge my career is gone. I haven't been able to get a clear answer on this regarding the actual law so was wondering if you knew anything about this?
    2. Gabbie
      Hi Kate. It's my second day using Duramine. Can you help me what diet Plan should I follow & what type of exercise do I need to do to make this one work for me. I am planning to have oatmeals Instead as am not fond of veges and salads. Thanks for your help. ☺️
    3. Wheeling humbly
      Wheeling humbly
      Hi Kate... I sent your message this morning but I've got no idea whether you received it?... I was explaining that I am now 3 day user of Duramine.... but there are two things; I'm wondering about, firstly, when will I get my first night of good sleep? :-) and, when does the appetite suppression kick in? I still feel really hungry, and I'm making a very conscious effort to eat right....
    4. Aus-iwi
      Hello l have started on D. Journey. So how do I join in the conversation. Thanks for your help.
      1. Kate
        Hi, you can enter any post on the forum and post a reply. Or create your new post in any thread. Just use the pink buttons. To write a PM, click on users name and pick "start conversation".
        Jan 11, 2017
    5. Michelle.F
      Hi Kate I am having trouble navigating on this site and tips?
    6. Elizakirkby27
      Hi i on day 5 and felling super hungry on 30 mg been taking around same time with breakfast and my coffee .
    7. 10kgtolose
      Hi kate. How do I change my username?
      1. Kate
        You can't)) I can, so let me know in pm what to write instead of this username.
        Aug 26, 2016
    8. danny
      m.facebook.com/Minosha-duromine-shiroya-546936285483626 hi kate. Do you have any info regarding this facebook page ?
      Ive fallen victim to duromineaustralia.com i dont want to make the same mistake
      1. Kate
        No, I don't. Unfortunately, most online sellers are frauds. So, basically impossible to predict the result. Sorry. I wouldn't risk again if I were you.
        May 23, 2016
    9. Amelia20161983
      Hi :) i am new to this page an new to using diramine. I am just about to finish my 2nd week on 15mg an have lost 2.5kgs. I am moving up to 30mg as my doctor has advised i am managing well an to shift the kgs faster 30mg was a better option for me...my question is can i have x2 15mg tablets to make up the 30mg to use up the tablets? Im trying to avoid wasting money. Thank you in advance :)
    10. ANNIE5
      Hi I used Duromine, lost 30kgs, i stopped 4 a year. I still have 30 togo. what got me was i was loosing weight but been so obese & then loosing 30kgs i ended up with a terr. overhang,i felt like quitting, loosing weight then looking terrible another way, Med aid wont pay 4 cosmetic Surgery, has anyone had a sim. prob I dont have R60,000 4 surg. R there loopholes 2 help with this, I just want 2 look normal
      1. Kate
        Well, if you are obese, loose skin is an expected thing after losing huge amount of weight. Let's be real.
        Apr 6, 2016
    11. abby
      Hi Kate, how do I private message you ?
      1. Kate
        Hi, abby. Click on my name then choose 'Start Conversation', then send your message to me ;)
        Feb 17, 2016
    12. Lindz
      Hi Kate. Please help. Ive been on duromine for a week now and havent lost anything. Could it have to do with the fact that I went on my period shortly after I started?
      Also, is there any kind of meal plan that you can suggest? I don't know how to deal with the fact that I dont get hungry and drink lots of water. I would like to have a way of eating nonetheless.
      Thank you!
    13. StephanieBella15
      Hi Kate,

      I'm new to this site. Thanks for answering my thread the other day. You really helped me a lot. I was just wondering is is possible to delete thread once you've posted it? I only want to do blog entries. Thanks
      1. Kate
        Welcome! Yes, it is possible. There should be a Delete button undr the text field of your thread. Or if there's no option, I can delete ut just tell me what exactly. God day!
        Jan 10, 2016
      2. StephanieBella15
        Yeah I couldn't find the option... Just the one called 'scared' as I have put that as a blog entry. Thanks!
        Jan 10, 2016
    14. Unity
      Hi Kate, Firstly thanks for opening this forum... really awesome to have people here that assist and don't judge.
      I am wondering I wanted to post some stuff in the exercise section. However it is not allowing me to do a new thread.
      Am I doing something wrong?
      1. Kate
        Hi, Unity. Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately there's some problem with this section. Sorry. Working on it.
        Oct 6, 2015
    15. KitKat23
      How does this PM'ing the work? Can someone PLEASE send me the details of the East Melb GP that prescribes it or really anyone in Melbourne/Vic?
    16. Dre
      figured it out now lol
    17. Dre
      hi kate, just wanted to confirm how to send a PM, i'm doing it right now right? cheers.. Dre
      1. KitKat23
        PM me too please?
        Oct 4, 2015
    18. Tgal
      hi Kate, please help me!!!!!!!! i am in my 3rd week and only lost 3kg. i think i might be eating the wrong foods or something. im on durommine 30g.
      am so frustrated and heartbroken. the only symptom i have is a dry mouth. i sleep like a baby at night and my appetite is still the same. please help maybe on a meal plan or something.
      1. Bianca
        Are you drinking alot of water? Losing 1 kg per week is great! Thats the healthy way...keep it like that...remember...alot of water!
        Sep 18, 2015
        KitKat23 likes this.
      2. KitKat23
        Tgal, where'd you get your prescription, I'm still looking!
        Oct 4, 2015
    19. elbe
      hi kate please help me> i m my second month on durimine. first was 15mg lost 6.5 then dr gave me 30 lost another 5kg in 2weeks but i get anxoius and attacks i screem at my chlid and cry alot. why? whats the diffrence between the 15 and 30
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      2. elbe
        o and my dr said i cant take ant other medisine with durimine. i used to drink a vitamin, kelp,zink en immune booster for winter and also 5htp with is a pill that calms me.
        Jun 19, 2015
      3. elbe
        all the above pills is natural en herbal
        Jun 19, 2015
      4. Kate
        Go to personal messages. I answered there ;)
        Jun 19, 2015
    20. Dre
      thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for this website! just saying... lol
      1. Kate likes this.
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