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Greetings and welcome to Duromineforum.com, a Forum that unites people all over the world, who want to lose weight, whether they use Duromine or not.

We started at 2009 and today we can proudly say that we are a strong and supportive Duromine community that currently amounts to over 7 thousand active users, who come here to share their own experience of Duromine use, of developing proper nutrition and exercising programs, as well as their success stories of weight loss and post-Duromine life.

Duromineforum.com is a place, where you always can find support and motivation, which are among essential things for a successful and sustainable weight loss. Get tips from professionals and those who, just like you, are going through the same experience and fight the same problems.

If you need to find the answers to your questions on weight loss or get an expert review on a weight loss diet or other weight loss pills, you can find them here, on Duromineform.com. If you don’t find them, you always can ask for it, and get a comprehensive review soon. You get the access to information about the main aspects of a weight loss with Duromine, possible side effects and ways of coping with them, as well as general notions on a healthy lifestyle and the possibility of meeting new people.

You also have the opportunity to get in touch with users, who can sell you their Duromine caps that they don’t need anymore. However, the Forum administration always advises to be cautious and use reliable payment methods.

We invite you to Duromineforum.com and wish you a pleasant journey!

We are sure that you will enjoy the time you spend here. Welcome and best of luck!

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