Im new and I just started Duromine 30 mg (metermine) today

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    Hi Everyone,

    Ive just started on Metermine 30mg this morning at 7am (australian time) Im looking for others who are also taking metermine, duromine or phentermine to share the journey and give advice and feedback. Im 32 currently a stay at home mum with 2 kids, one at school and one at home. When I was younger I was always a healthy 70-75 kg.

    I am now 125 kg and 171cm tall. After my first child at 23 yrs I weighed about 94kg and after a stressful relationship and breakup I was down to 55kg at one point, which was personally too thin for me. I dont know how I did that one but I did, I'll put it down to stress.

    Then I went back up and have continued to gain since I met my current partner... When I had my second child at 28, packed on alot of weight, was up to 112kg after pregnancy. Over the last 6 years my partner and I both gained weight nearly equally since we started seeing each other...So now Im 32 and 128 kgs and extremely uncomfortable.

    So Ive tried, shake diets (YUCK), cutting out all bad food (didnt last), regular exercising (too painful at this size), Jon Gabriel Method (interesting but expensive) Detox (YUCK and painful)... I took duromine 15mg once before after my second child but didnt stick with it but I did manage to lose a few kgs...I always manage to lose a maximum of 10 kgs and then I relapse or get bored and gain it all back plus some. My family does eat alot of healthy meals, fruit and vege. But we also eat alot of bad food and arent very active...its not for lack of trying, I go for walks, bushwalks, the park etc just not enough! On Monday I actually rode my bike to the daycare to pick up my youngest who goes only one day per week. Im telling you now my butt was NOT happy about sitting on that tiny seat for nearly an hour! So thats why I asked my doctor to prescribe Duromine to me, to give me a kick start on my weightloss and get back into a healthy eating pattern and exercise routine.

    This time Im going to do it RIGHT! Im in different frame of mind and I have set goals and I feel like Im going to achieve them. So the doc gave a me a script and Im on my way on a new journey...Im excited and nervous!

    Hope I can share it with others on duromine or metermine, look forward to chatting to you all. :)

    7.00 am - Took first pill with orange juice and then had breakfast with the kids

    8.30 am - Not in the least bit energised yet, actually was napping on the couch while the kids (its school holidays so I have both home) watch cartoons, its also a overcast boring dreary day here, about to rain I think. I was up late last night though as well, because I was anxious about starting on the pills!

    11.00 am - Keep feeling a little bit of a racing heart every now and then. Im up and moving about now, slightly more energetic, about to do some housework I think. Dont feel like eating anything yet.

    So at the moment Im wondering, if its normal that I went and napped, should I have more energy etc?
    Am I on the right dosage, and does it take a few days to build up in your system to work properly, not that its not working properly its just not what I expected...

    I will keep posting :D

    lizzie Registered

    hi amie

    i also started metermine 30g today (28march). im 24 and consider myself very overweight i weigh 70kg which i no a lot of ppl would say im not over weight at all. in the eyes on the medical world i am not considered overweight but to me i am. i have not been happy with my weight for a really long time but i have also tried every diet you can think of and more! i tried the eating healthy which like u said doesn't last to long and exercise. im so unhappy with my weight that i cant even go to a gym or walk around the block coz im just so worried about how big i am.

    about 6weeks ago my doctor put me on the 15g metermine just to see how i would go (he didnt want to give me the 30g just yet). i found with the 15g it did nothing!!! still hungry all the time and no energy at all. it wasn't until i spoke to my boss who has also been on the tablets that he told me it would't really work unless i was on 30g. so everyday i started to take 2 tablets and straight away i saw and felt the change :) but by the time i had been told this my packet was out. i was only given a one month script instead of the normal 3months.

    in about 7days i lost 5kg!!! i felt amazing and so happy. it gave me confidence, it made a huge difference to me in every way.

    now that i have started on the 30g im so excited.

    i took my first tablet at 9am melb time with breakky. it took about an hour i think before i felt and energy coming out of no where. i would go through funny stages but, one minute so full of energy and the next read for bed and lucked concentration at work. also just like you said i felt my heart going so fast for a sec now and then.
    i found that by the time lunch rolled around i still wasn't very hungry and was happy to just have a cuppa. tonight i went and saw friends for dinner and you notice how quickly you become full and can't eat another mouth full (no matter how good the food was :) ).
    i have heard that it takes about 2-3 days for your body to get used to the metermine.

    i only have a 1 month script for the 30g as well and im hoping during this time i "re-train" myself on healthier eating and portion control, so that when i go off the tablets i dont put all my weight back on.

    cowgirl Registered

    Hey amie_b79 and Lizzie, I have been on Duromine for 6 days now, i take my pill every morning at 7am (Brisbane) time and feel the effects by 9am, so I gather it can take up to 2 hours to kick in.

    I dont get hungry at all, but I have been warned that if you dont use this pill to change your eating habits it wont work as your body will still go into starvation mode, so each day i wake up this is my plan...
    BREAKFAST: 1x slice toast with butter and vegemite, 1x glass of water, 1x Duromine tablet
    SNACK: Cut up cucumber and carrot
    LUNCH: Something easy like salad or steamed vegies.
    SNACK: apple or Banana
    DINNER: Kids sized plate of whatever meal I have prepared for family.

    I also make sure I drink the minimum 2L of water requirement, and as I love coffee I can often have around 5 cups a day.

    Eating like this makes me feel ill but my doctor pointed out that as long as my body does not think its starving, the weight loss i get from the tablets will stay off once i finish on them.

    And remember ladies TTOM will show a gain on the scales, 800g02kg for me, but it will dissapear when they do.

    smokey Registered

    hi everyone

    i started today as well. a little about me im 155cm and 90kg and BMI over 30. i have been eating a 1200 calories plan for the the last 2 months i have lost 5kg and im thinking it should be a bit quicker, i havent given up alcohol as i know if i do when i start drinking again it will just come back fast i have cut down and changed what i drink. i have a an active lifestyle with 5 dogs and 2 horses and a daughter. i put on the weight big time early last year as i had no ACL and a fracture in my knee and i couldnt walk i would hobble have to give up sport and riding my horses. i had surgery last july and all good now and starting to get stuck into a healthier body and life style change. i have learnt everything is ok to eat just in moderation i will have take out maybe once a week if i feel like it. i also cant have to much sugar as my body goes into a high and i bounce off the walls and then when i come down, i get depressed and dont eat and dont want to be near people. i have been test for diabetes and i dont have it my mum thinks i have the opposite.

    today was ok i still ate my normal food and had heaps of water like i do everyday. i did get the shakes a little but nothing to worry about

    start date 29 march 2012
    start weight 90kg
    goal weigh 60kg

    taking duromine 30mg

    cowgirl Registered

    Hi Smokey. I also have 2 horses, and cant wait to be able to ride at shows and look like the others, not the fat one lol.

    i have a very social OH and have people over most weekends so I dont think I could get away from drinking either, but i have stopped drinking during the week and then using the drinks like a 'free meal' the other diets allow you to have.

    Whabbly Registered

    Hi there Cowgirl and Smokey
    You know, I have heard people say that all is good in moderation, and that you shouldn't deprive yourself from certain foods, because once you lay your hands on them you will completely go overboard, so take out every now and then couldn't do all that harm, but try to stay away from the fries if you are having a burger, rather try and go for a wrap or something. I have started my Duromine 30mg on 5 March 2012 and to date have lost 4.8kg, will have my weigh in again tomorrow, hopefully I have lost 2.3kg which will mean I broke the tripple digits barrier.
    Starting weight: 107kg
    Current weight: 102.2kg
    Goal Weight: 75-80kg
    lenght: 1.78
    BMI: above 30 (considered obese)
    We must just learn not to rely to much on the scales. To me 4.8kg sounds extremely little, if you look at what other people have lost by now, but cm's make a big difference. Yesterday i got dressed for work, and thought for interest sake, let me try on my little black skirt, one that I bought as motivation to loose weight, and you wouldn't believe it - IT FITTED PERFECTLY!!! I was over the moon with joy. So I came to work dressed in my black skirt with my black boots, and people just couldn't stop telling me how good I looked. it felt amazing!!! Can't tell you what it did for my selfesteem.
    so, keep the faith and good luck!!! I still hve 2 months to go, and I will do it. I will let you know what the results is of tomorrow's weigh in, but I think if I broke the 100kg barrier, you will hear me scream all the way from SA around the globe ha ha ha.
    Have a fabulous weekend

    wannabeasupermodel Registered

    Today is my 4th day of Duromine 30mg! I only have 3 week's worth.

    I started on Wednesday 28 March 2012. On the first day I experienced a big buzz, loss of appetite, anxiety, sleeplessness - had a lot of energy - did an hour and a half of cardio - drank slimshake for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    Thursday 29 March 2012 - same buzz and energy, loss of appetite and anxiety. Weighed myself and lost 3kg! I went to the gym and did an hour and 15 mins of cardio and an hour of weights - had a slimshake for breakfast lunch and dinner. no problems sleeping.

    Friday 30 March 2012 - Slimshake breakfast, half an hour of weights and an hour of cardio, chicken salad for lunch and slimshake for dinner. no problems sleeping. no anxiety. hunger starting to kick in. no further weight loss.

    Saturday 31 March 2012 - Slimshake breakfast, half an hour of weights and and half an hour of cardio, small salad and a small can of tuna for lunch, no anxiety, no appetite loss (feeling really hungry), - i am actually feeling no effect from the drug whatsoever.. feel likes i haven't even taken it today... no further weight loss... ahh getting a bit down about this.. hope i see some more results soon

    Will keep you updated.

    kat Registered

    i was prescribed duromine today by my doctor, and when i went to fill the script the chemist only had metermine, she reassured me that it was exactly the same, but im not 100% convinced!

    is it the same?? does it work exactly the same??

    redjellybean Registered

    Hi Kat, the chemist reassured me that the metermine is exactly the same as duromine and when I googled them they both have exactly the same information sheet and ingredients. I am on my 2nd day of the 15mg. Hoping to see some results by the end of the week.

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